Sustainable Landscaping Trends
The Growing Trend of Sustainable Landscaping: A Guide for Discerning Homeowners

Welcome to New Leaf Exteriors, where we transform outdoor dreams into breathtaking realities. As a premier design, build, and maintenance firm, our commitment to blending elegance with functionality sets us apart. Discover the seamless experience, personalized service, and unique style we bring to every landscape project.
At New Leaf Exteriors, our skilled professionals turn dreams into reality with a focus on design excellence, quality craftsmanship, and sustainable practices. From lush gardens to contemporary living areas, our services cater to discerning homeowners and business leaders who appreciate well-maintained outdoor spaces.
Tailored for homeowners and business owners valuing curb appeal, our landscape maintenance services are dedicated to enhancing outdoor spaces. We understand the unique needs of those prioritizing aesthetics and offer customized solutions for stunning results.
The Rise of Sustainable Landscaping Trends In today's landscaping scene, sustainability is a key player. Almost half of Americans now hire professional landscapers, emphasizing the growing importance of outdoor aesthetics. With the landscaping industry on the rise and a rebounding economy driving demand, households are investing more in their yards.
Homeowners are seeking vacation-worthy backyards, leading to trends like edible gardens, xeriscaping, and native gardens. The appeal of environmentally conscious landscaping is undeniable, aligning with our commitment to sustainable practices at New Leaf Exteriors.
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Sustainable Landscaping Trends
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