Gardens have always been a popular feature in homes, providing a place for relaxation, recreation, and a bit of nature in an otherwise built-up environment. But what do homeowners want from their gardens today? Here are a few trends we've noticed in recent years:
Low maintenance: With busy schedules, many homeowners want gardens that require minimal upkeep. This might include the use of drought-resistant plants, mulch or groundcover to suppress weeds, and smart irrigation systems.
Sustainable practices: More and more homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, and their gardens are no exception. This might involve using native plants that are adapted to the local climate, incorporating rainwater catchment systems, and choosing eco-friendly materials.
Outdoor living spaces: Instead of just a patch of grass and some flowers, many homeowners are turning their gardens into outdoor living spaces. This might include installing patios or decks, outdoor kitchens, and even fire pits or outdoor fireplaces.
Privacy: As urban areas become more densely populated, privacy becomes increasingly important for homeowners. This might involve planting hedges or trees to screen out neighbors, or installing fencing or walls for a more private retreat.
Curb appeal: For many homeowners, their garden is the first thing visitors see when they approach their home. As such, they want their garden to make a good impression. This might involve choosing colorful plants, well-maintained lawns, and attractive hardscape elements like walkways and water features.
Overall, homeowners today want gardens that are functional, sustainable, and attractive. By taking these trends into consideration, you can create a garden that meets the needs and desires of your clients.
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